3 photos of students on brailling, using white cane, and giving a piggy back ride

Empowering blind and low vision individuals to reach their full potential



student hands reading braille on page with teacher's fingers across the table on far side of table.


 Daily Class Schedule 2022-23 School Year

Classes begin at 7:45 daily and end at 3 PM Monday through Thursday.  On Fridays classes will finish at 11:20 AM and students will eat lunch before departing home for the weekend.  

Daily Bell Schedule   




B Families


Essential Skills Resources

Students talking at a table.

Essential Skills - These skills are specific to WSSB students, yet may be more widely applied. While the first part of the year was spent focusing on developing these skill areas, these are skills will last the entire year and benefit students well beyond.

Shifting to Standards Based Grading

Stick figure climbing stairs with an arrow pointing up at the top of stairs is a lightbulb.

Standards Based Grading - WSSB is transitioning our grading practices to more accurately reflect each student’s demonstration of their learning through standards-based grades. Grades communicate how students are progressing with their learning based on standards.