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2023-24 School Year Short Courses

What's Cooking? Independent Living Skills 11/13-11/17

Unleash Your Culinary Potential: Join "What's Cooking?"  

"What's Cooking?" is designed to empower students to become more self-reliant in the kitchen while preparing delicious meals they can enjoy at home.

Course Overview  

Ready to embark on a culinary adventure? In "What's Cooking?" students will: 

  • Learn fundamental cooking techniques tailored to their unique needs. 
  • Develop knife skills and kitchen safety expertise. 
  • Discover easy-to-follow recipes designed for success in the home kitchen. 
  • Gain confidence in meal planning, grocery shopping, and organizing in the kitchen. 
  • Connect with other students who are food enthusiasts. 

Master a Recipe You Can Replicate at Home!  

A standout feature of this course is that you will master a recipe that you can confidently replicate in your own kitchen. We believe in the power of culinary independence, and our experienced instructor will guide you every step of the way. 

What to Expect  

Receive hands-on guidance from skilled instructors  Develop the skills and knowledge to cook independently.  Master a delicious recipe that will impress your friends and family.  Gain a deeper appreciation for the joys of cooking. 

Course Details 

Date: November 13 - 17 

Location: Washington State School for the Blind  

Instructor: Wayne Oshiro 

Registration Deadline: October 25 

Living Large with Low Vision, December 3 - 8 

Unlock Your Potential: Enroll in "Living Large with Low Vision"   

"Living Large with Low Vision," is specially designed to help individuals with low vision build essential life skills, explore new tools, and embrace their unique identities with confidence and pride. 

Course Overview ️ 

Are you ready to live life to the fullest? In "Living Large with Low Vision," students will: 

  • Connect with a supportive community of peers who share similar experiences. 
  • Engage in open and insightful discussions about living with low vision. 
  • Learn practical strategies for navigating the world with low vision. 
  • Explore assistive technologies and tools that enhance independence. 
  • Build self-confidence and resilience to embrace your identity as an individual with low vision. 

Lions Low Vision Clinic  

As part of our commitment to your well-being, our course includes a comprehensive low vision evaluation at the Lion's Low Vision Clinic.

Embrace Your Identity, Thrive with Confidence  

At WSSB, we believe that living with low vision is a journey of empowerment. Our course is designed to help you thrive, celebrate your unique identity and equip you with the tools to live life to the fullest. 

 Course Details  

Date: December 3 – 8 

Location: Washington State School for the Blind  

Instructor: Wayne Oshiro 

Registration Deadline: November 15 

Empowerment Adventures with Teambuilding and O&M January 21-26

Explore, Connect, and Thrive: Join Our "Empowerment Adventures" Combining Team Building and Orientation & Mobility Skills!  

  Building strong connections, teamwork, and independence are essential skills. "Empowerment Adventures," where you'll not only enhance your teamwork and leadership skills but also learn to navigate the world confidently and collaboratively

Course Overview 

Are you ready to boost your friendships, leadership abilities, and independence? In our "Empowerment Adventures" students will: 


  • Engage in fun group activities that foster trust and cooperation. 
  • Reinforce orientation and mobility skills, including cane techniques and spatial awareness. 
  • Learn how to navigate various environments, from busy urban streets to unfamiliar residential areas. 
  • Increase public transportation skills for greater independence. 
  • Learn to work together with peers to overcome mobility challenges. 

Course Details  

Date: January 21-26 

Location: Washington State School for the Blind 

Instructor: Wayne Oshiro 

Registration Deadline: January 3 

Level Up Your JAWS Skills, February 11 - 16

Elevate Your Digital Journey: Enroll in "Level Up Your JAWS Skills"   

Students will be empowered to harness the potential of technology and gain greater independence in the digital world. Our short course, "Level Up Your JAWS Skills," is tailor-made for individuals ready to build confidence in computing, enhance career skills, make friends, and unlock the full potential of JAWS, the leading screen reader software. 

Course Overview  

Are you ready to master JAWS and open doors to a world of possibilities? In "Level Up Your JAWS Skills," students will: 


  • Gain greater independence in accessing academic and non-academic content. 
  • Boost confidence and independence in the digital age. 
  • Develop advanced proficiency in using JAWS to access digital content. 
  • Connect with fellow students who share your passion for technology. 
  • Acquire essential career skills for future success in a technology-driven world. 
  • Explore career opportunities that are within reach. 



Course Details  

Date:  February 11-16 

Location: Washington State School for the Blind 

Instructor: Wayne Oshiro 

Registration Deadline: January 24 

STEM-Tastic, Building Skills in Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math, April 21-26

Explore the World of STEM: Join "STEM-Tastic – Building Skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math"  

Blind and low vision students have the power to excel in STEM fields, and this short course is here to make it happen. Students attending "STEM-Tastic," will dive into basic coding, master the use of assistive technology, and apply newfound skills through project-based learning. 

Course Overview  

Get ready to unlock your potential in the world of STEM. In "STEM-Tastic," students will: 


  • Gain the confidence to excel in STEM-related subjects and careers. 
  • Apply STEM knowledge through hands-on, project-based learning experiences. 
  • Connect with fellow students, mentors, and experts in the STEM community. 
  • Learn the fundamentals of coding, opening doors to the digital age. 
  • Explore assistive technologies for seamless classroom access. 
  • Discover strategies for success in science classrooms. 


Course Details 

Date:  April 21-26

Location: Washington State School for the Blind  

Instructor: Wayne Oshiro 

Registration Deadline: March 28 

College and Career Readiness, March 17-22

Chart Your Path to Success: Join "Career and College Readiness"   

"Career and College Readiness," offers a unique opportunity for students to explore the world of higher education, meet college professionals, connect with students, and learn invaluable strategies for success in their future careers and college journeys. 

Course Overview  

Are you ready to take the first step towards a bright future? In "Career and College Readiness," students will: 


  • Connect with college students who will share their insights and experiences. 
  • Learn proven strategies for academic success in higher education. 
  • Gain the confidence to navigate your path toward a rewarding career and college experience.  
  • Visit a college campus to experience the atmosphere and possibilities. 
  • Meet with disability support services professionals to understand available resources. 


 Course Details  

 Date:  March 17-22

Location: Washington State School for the Blind  

Instructors: Wayne Oshiro 

Registration Deadline: April 27 

Moving Up to Middle, - Preparing soon to be middle schoolers, May 12 - 17

Prepare for the Middle School Adventure: Join "Moving Up to Middle - Preparing Soon-to-Be Middle Schoolers"  

Transitioning to middle school is an exciting milestone, and we're here to ensure that blind and low vision 5th and 6th graders are well-equipped for the journey ahead. "Moving Up to Middle," is specifically designed to help students build academic and social skills, empowering them to thrive and become more independent in the middle school environment. 

Course Overview  

Are you ready to embark on your middle school adventure with confidence? In "Moving Up to Middle," students will: 


  • Learn time-management and organization techniques for a smoother transition. 
  • Gain the confidence to navigate a new school environment independently. 
  • Connect with classmates who are on the same journey. 
  • Develop essential academic skills to excel in their studies. 
  • Build strong social skills for positive interactions with peers and teachers. 


Participate in WSSB's Annual Track Meet!  

As a special highlight, students in "Moving Up to Middle" will have the exciting opportunity to participate in WSSB's annual track meet. This event fosters teamwork, sportsmanship, and friendly competition, providing a memorable experience and the chance to showcase your talents on the track. 

Course Details  

Date: May 12-17 

Location: Washington State School for the Blind  

Instructors: Wayne Oshiro 

Registration Deadline: April 24 

Washington State School for the Blind is proud to offer our Short Courses in specific areas of need for blind and low vision students.

  • Short Courses are offered at no charge for Washington State students and focus on the important Expanded Core Curriculum designed for blind and low vision students.
  • Short Course students arrive late Sunday and depart at noon on Friday. Students will stay on campus with WSSB students in our supervised cottages with meals supplied on/off-campus depending on events.
  • Roundtrip transportation by WSSB via charter bus along I-5 corridor, ground transport from central WA, or airline flight to Portland International Airport with transport to/from our campus.
  • Courses will include recreation opportunities, emphasis on self-determination and self-advocacy, self-management, as well as a focus on transition after high school.
  • In addition, Short Courses will include a dedicated portion of the day for students to work on the classwork they miss while attending the program.

Who is eligible:

Students transitioning to middle school who are at or near grade level. Students will receive instruction from a Teacher of the Visually Impaired and Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist. Students can participate in up to 2 courses per school year.

If you have any questions please email me at:

Wayne Oshiro

WSSB Irwin Education Building