Accessing Math

Accessing Math Tips

How to sign into CPM Math Book:

  • Go to:
  • Sign in with your Username (school email address) and Password (sent to you by your teacher)
  • Choose your textbook

How to sign into and use Desmos for graphing calculator work:

  • Go to:
  • Create an account with your school email
  • Make sure you choose a password you will remember

How to save Desmos graphs:

  • Once you have finished your graph, navigate to the “Share Graph” button at the top right. It is a square with an arrow popping it out
  • Select “Share Graph”
  • Copy the link
  • Paste the link to your submit your assignment

Math Manipulatives

  1. Algebra Tiles: Physical representation of algebra concepts such as equations and expressions involving a variable (x, y, 2x + 7). For more information, click the link:
  2. Base 10 blocks: multi-color and sized blocks representing place value in base 10. Example:
  3. Graphing Boards: For graphing of equations and lines with x and y coordinates:
  4. Slate and Cubes: Slate mat and braille number cubes for spatial math problems:
  5. Abacus: Counting and calculation tool
  6. Hundred’s board: Velcro number and grid board for spatial math:

Link to Online Manipulatives: