Tech Tips

Technology Tips

Accessing Google Classroom:

-Platform: iOS

-Platform: Windows


Students who are accessing Google classroom should be using their school email account from WSSB. One very important thing to know is when the student is creating the account/login WSSB requires that a passcode is setup and enabled on the device iPad or iPhone. If the student disables the passcode and tries the login Google Classroom will not allow you to login.



Student FAQS

Teacher FAQS

How access assigned work using:



It is straight forward is your student is using their vision. If using Voiceover or JAWS, students will need to navigate to the Google Classroom and the assigned work by using:



Zoom Hot keys Windows:

Alt+V: Start/stop video

Alt+A: Mute/unmute audio

iPad with Bluetooth keyboard:

Command + Shift + A: Mute/unmute my audio

Command + Shift + V: Start/stop my video

How share screen using:


Scroll down to Starting a screen share in meeting


There can be varying reasons why students cannot access Google classroom or Zoom, hardware, software or operator issues. Given the different scenarios that may arise please feel free to email me after checking out the FAQS and or accessing links listed here at

If you are having network or password issues please email